The Hydra Patch Review – A new method using some old-fashioned ideas!
By Jeff Benjamin
Last month in Orlando, America’s best marathoners toed the line in their attempts to finish in the top three and qualify for the Paris Olympics.
As the gun went off in the male and female races, Orlando was still pretty shady and cool around 10am, a solid ally for the runners competing.
However, within the hour, everything changed.
The sun preceded to blast out, sending a bomb-like, quickly forming heat wave throughout the course, heating up and dehydrating many competitors who tried to complete the 26.2-mile course.
For U.S. Olympians Conor Mantz, Clayton Young, Leonard Korir (Pending), Fiona O’Keefe, Emily Sisson, and Dakota Lindwurm, the next challenge will take place in August along the streets of Paris. Last year, temperatures rose to as high as 110 degrees Fahrenheit during the day!
The constant search for hydration and running has continued since the Sport developed. In the 1970s, ’s Marathon legend Bill Rodgers would plant his hydration drinks the night before his Sunday runs along his training courses.
Of course, the rise of Gatorade, Powerade, and many other drinks has led to a worldwide boom for these products throughout the decades.
And yet, could there be a faster, more efficient way to hydrate while competing?
Hydra Patch is looking to solve that question.
An innovative product, the patch itself is loaded with electrolytes and various vitamins, nutrients, and minerals. Placing the patch right into the skin bypasses the digestive system and sends the much-needed ingredients directly into the bloodstream, thereby also eliminating the dreaded “Runner’s Stomach Cramps.”
HydraPatch 3
On a personal note, this runner embarked on a 90-minute run armed with the Hydra Patch.
The result? Nothing was dramatic, yet my body felt like I had hydrated the old-fashioned way, albeit without drinking a bottle!
A subtle product? Yes!
Did it work? YES!
IMHO, Hydra Patch should be utilized as a very effective weapon for our athletes competing this summer in the heat of Paris!
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