The Challenging Road To Paris – 9th in A Series – Vashti Cunningham – By Jeff Benjamin 

1) How is your training coming along?

“Training is coming along great; God has put amazing people around me who push me in practice and in critiquing my jumping.”

Randall Cunningham, Jeff Benjamin and Vashti Cunningham, by Jeff Benjamin

2) Have you been satisfied with your 2024 performances so far?

“I have not been satisfied with my 2024 performances, but I know that God’s plan is greater than what I plan for myself, so I’m trusting Him through everything.“

3) Is there anything you’ve changed in your training for the Olympic year?

“I’ve changed certain things like jumping more than I have on a world championship year, I’ve been running more consistently than I have any other year as well.”

Vashti Cunningham, photo by Jeff Benjamin

4) Who comprises your support system, and why are they important?

“My Family, my church, Agape Health & Fitness, my doctors in other states, and my friends make up my support system, and this isn’t naming people specifically, so there are really a lot of people who play a part.”

5) Any advice you’d like to give out there, especially to young jumpers?

“My advice to young athletes is to Trust God and seek to make Him your Best Friend. With God, anything is possible!”