The Challenging Road To Paris – 7th in A Series – Drew Hunter – By Jeff Benjamin

Drew Hunter ran the race of his life last night, placing a very close fourth in the Men’s 10,000 meters. In only his second 10,000m ever, the adidas wunderkind showed that focus, devotion, and good health play big roles in success. Always a fun interview, Drew made our day run so well in the Men’s 10,000m on June 21, 2024. Drew will now compete in the 5,000m next week. 


1) How is your training coming along & what event(s?) are you looking to at the Trials?

“Training has been more consistent than ever. I’ve hit steady weeks for the past 6 months, and it has been pointing toward success in June. I will be running the big boy 5k/10k double at the trials. I think I can surprise lots of people.”

2) Is there anything you’ve changed in your training for this Olympic year?

“Just a lot more strength work. Longer intervals/lots of thresholds. We took the approach this year of maximizing my aerobic capacity. MAYBE I am not the sharpest I’ve ever been, but I am definitely the strongest, which gives me lots of confidence.”

Eamonn Coghlan, Drew Hunter, Marcus O’Sullivan, photo by Jeff Benjamin

3) Who comprises your support system, and why are they important?

“My wife and daughter (and another one on the way in September), my parents, who are also my coaches, and of course my team, Tinman Elite. They’ve brought me back from some Low points, and I am ready to run for all of them in Eugene.”

Drew Hunter, photo courtesy of Jeff Benjamin

4) Any advice you’d like to give out there, especially to young runners?

“It’s just running. Of course, we care deeply about it, but sometimes it’s important to zoom out and remind ourselves that this is a gift, and we should cherish all the small moments that come along with it. Yes, there is pressure, and training is hard, but it’s a privilege to get to move through space as fast as you can!”

Drew Hunter, at 2019 USATF Indoor, photo by Jeff Benjamin