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This is Coffee with Larry for Saturday, June 1, 2024.
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Our topics;
1. Great race by Sydney McLaughlin last night, 400m hurdle race, first time in 22 months, in 52.70, world leader!
Sydney McLaughlin-Levrone will compete on 31 May at 400m hurdles, art from the American Track League.
2. Strong crowd at Morehouse with Sydney racing!
3. The Edwin Moses Legends meet is a first-year success, sponsored by PUMA and part of the American Track League. Edwin Moses did some fun interviews around the meet!
4. Media coverage and upcoming Olympic Trials coverage.
5. The Oslo 1,500m was fantastic!
Men’s 1,500m, the dive, May 30, 2024, photo courtesy of OMEGA Timing
6. Didn’t you love that men’s 400m hurdles in Oslo?
Coach Leif Olav Alnes with Karston Warholm, WR holder, Olympic gold medalist, WC 2017 and 2019, 400m hurdles, photo by PUMA AG communications
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