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This is Monday, March 27, 2024.
This is Coffee with Larry, your daily podcast on all things track and field.
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Our topics:
1. Vanessa Fraser will be running for Saucony. Saucony is one of the finest footwear brands on the planet. Unfortunately, its parent company, Wolverine, does not seem to understand how amazing of a brand that they are managing. They are moving the rest of the team from Boston to Michigan (hint: most quit).
Vanessa Fraser will be sponsored by Saucony Endorphin.
2. NIKE is going in the right direction. The word is that they
are hiring 30-40 EKINS (Tech reps). At one time, EKINS were the finest tech reps on the planet. Let’s see how this one goes.
Letensebet Gidey, 2021 Nike Pre Classic, photo by How Lao Photography
3. In Under Armour News, #KevinPlank is back. The founder and CEO, who was out in the gulag of ex-CEOs, is returning to the brand just in time. One can purchase a cup of Starbucks Coffee for about the price of one UA share. UA has lost 80 percent
of its value. Why? Well, management seems unable to know actual footwear talent, as they have chased some of the
finest shoe dogs out of Baltimore over the years.

Katie Snowden, photo by Steva Hass for Under Armour

4. Dan Sheridan will take over as Brooks CEO on April 26. The announcement that Jim Weber is resigning and Dan is succeeding has been well received. Many notes on how Jim Weber changed and shaped the Brooks brand and Dan’s appreciation of human capital will help Brooks as they enter a challenging future.
Dan Sheridan, COO, who will take the CEO position at Brooks on April 26, 2024, photo courtesy of Brooks Running
5. Josh Thompson is the latest athlete to leave Bowerman TC. The club, coached by Jerry Schumacher, became more complicated when Jerry took the job at the University of Oregon and Bowerman TC moved to Eugene. Many forget how much some athletes have given up on their dreams. Josh will now be able to live with his family and train.
6. Consider this, Alistair and Amy Cragg, who coach PUMA Elite, have an Olympic team member in Fiona O’Keefe. PUMA has two marathoner members, with Dakotah LIndwurm, a Minnesota Elite team member, sponsored by PUMA. No other brand has 2 runners on the US Olympic marathon team. 
Fiona O’Keefe debuts in a win, U.S. Olympic Team Marathon Trials
Orlando, Florida
February 3, 2024, photo by Kevin Morris
7. Jess McClain finished 4th in the US Olympic Trials, running a huge PB as well. She has just signed a contract with Brooks Running! Please remember Jess was a member of the Brooks Beasts Track Club from 2014-2018 and then, with injuries, took a break until 2020. What a fascinating story!
Jess McClain signs with Brooks, photo by Brooks Running
8. Relay time is coming!
#CoffeewithLarry will be back tomorrow!