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This is Coffee with Larry for Tuesday, February 29, 2024.

This is our almost daily podcast on all things Track & Field!

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Our topics:

1. The World Indoors in Glasgow is March 1-3, 2024. This Indoor Champs has a huge number of stars with only 2 defenders not returning, one is Marcell Jacobs.

The skyline of Glasgow, Scotland, photo by World Athletics

2. NBC network is showing the champs via Peacock on March 103, 2024, at 4.45 AM each day, Eastern and 2 pm Eastern are the times to see, plus replay on CNBC and live for two hours on Sunday.

3. The World Champs will have some fantastic races; please watch for our previews!

4. 57 US team members going to Glasgow!

5. RunBlogRun will have the team live on the ground in Glasgow, as well as remote coverage. Watch Stuart Weir, Justin Lagat, Deji Ogeyingbo, Cathal Dennehy, and our photo team cover the WICGlasgow2024.

Schedule on NBC networks for World Indoor Champs 2024!

6. Schedule for March 1, 2024, AM session:

7. Here’s the link to see all LIVE (and listen too):

See you tomorrow on Coffee with Larry!