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This is Coffee with Larry for Wednesday, April 17, 2024. This is part 3 of our coverage of the 2024 Boston Marathon.

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Our topics:

1. The 2024 Boston Marathon was amazing in its 128th year!

2. After 4 attempts, Sisay Lemma wins the men’s elite.

Sisay Lemma and Hellen Obiri, winners of Men’s elite and Women’s elite , 2024 Boston Marathon, photo by Kevin Morris

3. Hellen Obiri defended her title, taking Boston for the second time.

Hellen Obiri defends her title at Boston, 2024 Boston Marathon, presented by Bank of America, photo by Kevin Morris.

4. Bank of America succeeded John Hancock as the presenting sponsor of the Boston Marathon.

5. adidas has been a sponsor since 1986, thanks to the work of Adrian Leek and Guy Morse.

Sisay Lemma, Bank of America Boston Marathon
Press Conference and Elite availability, photo by Kevin Morris

6. The BAA continues to protect the legacy of the Boston Marathon.

7. The #BostonMarathon has shown that the sport continues to recover from the Pandemic and that running continues to grow and thrive.

8. There was great media coverage of the Boston Marathon, thanks to articles by Justin Lagat, Race Results Weekly, and Carolyn Mather on the 2024 Boston Marathon.

9. adidas Adizero Road to Records is just over a week away! Here’s the link!

adizero Road To Records, April 27, 2024

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