Our training weeks begin on Monday.

This is your daily training for Monday, May 13, 2024.

This is week 10, day 1.

You need an easy day after a race on Saturday and a long run on Sunday.

Your workout,


45-55 minutes of moderate running,

6×150 meter stride-outs,



recover, get wet clothes off, change into dry clothes,

Larry’s Deep Thoughts:

There are always surprises during an Olympic build-up. Some athletes soar, some athletes whither.

Some new athletes are surprised; some veteran athletes see that the time has come to either change events or move on with their lives.

The attention is in the details, and many athletes will build to Eugene and then Paris.

Enjoy watching these athletes perform!

And remember, consistency is king!

The shoes worn by Sir Roger Bannister on May 6, 1954 to run his 3:59.4WR, photo courtesy of Bring Back the Mile.