Tuesdays are tough days.

This is your daily training for Tuesday, May 7, 2024.

Week 9, Day 2.

Your workout,


20-minute run,

6 x 300m runs, 300m jog,

20-minute run,

6 x300m runs, 300m jog,

20-minute run,

6 x 300-meter cut downs, on flat, on track



recover, get wet clothes off, change into dry clothes,

Larry’s Deep Thoughts:

I ran this workout as a junior and a senior in high school at Bellarmine College Prep.

We had a dirt track, all of 352 yards a lap, on the old campus.

Training with my teammates, Bob Lucas, Chris Schenone, Pete Dolan, Nicky Pelinga, Chris Sakamaki, David Hughes, and Mike Young, is a great memory.

We did our interval work at the old track and, between days, ran down the Guadalupe River,  from one to six bridges, 3 to 11 miles. The easy dirt trails were times to tell stories, and as we got closer to Alviso, the smells of the sea salt came rushing through the air.

The shoes below were my third pair of spikes in high school. My first was the adidas Interval, the Brooks Villanova suede spike, and the NIKE Pre Montreal.

The NIKE Pre-Montreal I wore in my races from 880 yards to the 2 mile. After the high school season, I ran my first 10,000m in them and most of an hour run championships (9 of the nearly 10 miles).

After the track season, Bob Lucas and I spent four weeks building up to 60 miles a week, with long, hard runs most days. During our first summer racing on the track and on the roads, we had a lot of fun.

Make your own personal history. Have fun while you run. Live with abandon! Track and Field can change your life!

NIKE Pre Montreal track spike, 1975, photos by Sothebys