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Socialing The Distance with Larry Eder, Episode 128

Featuring Anna Hall, NCAA Champion & adidas sponsored athlete

This is our interview with the incredible Anna Hall. It was done last fall while I was in Portland, Oregon, after the World Championships.

Anna Hall will be one of the great ones in the pentathlon and heptathlon

Anna Hall, adidas Atlanta City Games
Street Meet, photo by Kevin Morris

Anna Hall was just finishing her post-season break and working on her early training for 2023.

In March 2023, Anna Hall broke the AR for the heptathlon with her 5,015 scores at altitude, with little competition and a shortened schedule.

In May 2023, Anna Hall scored a superb 6,998 points in Gotzis, Austria, one of the most important multi-event meetings of the year. Anna Hall is the future and present of the heptathlon in the U.S. and will be competing at the US Champs, July 6-9, 2023, and then, in Budapest, at the World Champs, August 19-27, 2023. In Budapest, it should be Nafi Thiam, Olympic and World Champ, Katrine Johnson-Thompson, and Anna Hall, among others in this incredibly tough field!

I am always asked what is an athlete’s secret? I am not sure there are any real secrets, but hard work, focus, a strong support system, an unusual ability to thrive on stress (competition), and the desire to see how far one can go. Her sponsor, adidas, use to post, “Impossible is nothing,”. Anna Hall has done the near impossible, like competing in Heptathlon and 400m hurdles at NCAA champs. Her 400m hurdling has her just over 54 seconds this season!  None other than Ato Bolden, NBC analyst and commentator, and Olympic medalist at 100m and 200m (1996-2000) and WC gold (1997) in 200m, said that if Anna Hall can improve on her last two hurdles, she will be running in the low 53-second range!

Anna Hall, adidas Atlanta City Games, photo by Kevin Morris

Anna Hall is a relaxed interview with fun observations, and we hope you enjoy the interview.

Remember, last summer Jackie Joyner-Kersee, the GOAT of the heptathlon, told me, at the adidas hospitality in Eugene, Oregon, that Anna has what it takes to be on top of the podium!

Anna Hall, bronze, World Athletics Championships
Eugene, Oregon, USA
July15-26, 2022
heptathlon, women, Hall, USA, Florida, photo by Kevin Morris

We can not wait! Special thanks to Anna Hall and Paul Doyle. Special thanks to Mike Deering for the production work on this interview. Thanks to you, our dear viewers, who are the reason to our story-telling!

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