This was a video done by our video team, The Shoe Addicts, after the 2018 RAK Half Marathon. I will be back, Feb. 20-26, 2024, for the 2024 RAK Half Marathon. Now under the management of Pace Events, the management team of the Dubai Marathon. Enjoy our video and know that the RAK Half Marathon is fast and exciting, and the RAK is a wonderful place for a vacation! 

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Reposted January 31, 2024. 

Originally posted in February 2018

I have been to the United Arab Emirates twice in about three weeks. First, I went to the Dubai Marathon in January and was quite impressed. Then, I ventured up north with my brother, Brian, and son, Adam, and covered the RAK Half Marathon in Ras Al Khaimah. The name of the city means ‘Top of the tent”, as RAK is the most northern of the United Arab Emirates.

RAK Half Marathon 2018, photo by The Shoe Addicts

Weather in February was amazing, nights were in the 60s and days in the 70-80 range in RAK. The Hilton DoubleTree was on a bay, with wonderful beach, great food, and great places to walk. The RAK half marathon was a fast, nearly flat course run at 6.45 for elite women and 7 am for elite men and the race field of just under 4000 runners.

With seven men under 60 minutes and four women under 66 minutes, this race was spectacular. Watching the citizen runners running personal bests and feeling so proud of their accomplishments always reminds me of how amazing our sport is.

RAK Half Marathon is about the speed! photo by The Shoe Addicts

The Shoe Addicts produced this video to remind our readers that RAK should be their February destination for both racing and vacation! The people of RAK welcome you, and the RAK Tourism team and RAK half marathon staff will too!

Do something spectacular! Come and race the RAK Half marathon!

Enjoy the video!


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