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This is Coffee With Larry for Tuesday, May 24, 2023.
Our topics today:
1. World Athletics changing indoor track to short track, approving 200m tracks for records, simplifying sport, and making track less expensive to develop.
2. World Athletics changes the rule, no time entries in heats, semi-finals in 1,500m, 5,000m, and steeplechase in World Champs.
3. In World Champs, you need to race; fast times are going down the rabbit hole.
On night track lights, photo from ON running
4. Kudos to CEO John Donahue for saying brands need to stand for something and supporting Disney in standing up to Mr. De Santis.
5. Donahue has some brass ones, as standing up to Ron de Santis should get some haters on the site. Good for John Donahue.
6. Stop the Nike from getting out of track and field. The people have changed, and so has the strategy.
7. The Bermuda USATF GP and some fine races were well presented.
8. Good crowd in Bermuda stands, would love to see the meet promoted more than a week ahead.
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11. Aleia Hobbs is getting harassed by some social media jerks; stand up for Aleia; here’s our interview with Aleia; she is pretty awesome:…/aleia-hobbs-a-conversation…
Aleia Hobbs, adidas sprinter, 6.94 AR at 60 meters indoor, photo by RunBlogRun
12. NB outdoors is June 15-18, 2023 (sponsored),
13. Register for the Atlanta Peachtree road race (sponsored),
14. Fibersport USA builds track equipment, and they support RunBlogRun. Please check out Fibersport at
15. Brooks has supported American Athletics (1990-1994), American Track & Field (1994-2016), and RunBlogRun (2006-present). Please look to Brooks for your performance running needs.
16. Off to LA Grand Prix on May 25, 2023.
17. Big events at LA Grand Prix:
Men’s PV, Women’s 100mH, Men’s mile, Women’s mile, Women’s 100m, Men’s 100m, Men’s shot put, Women’s hammer, Women’s 400m, Women’s pole vault.
Speak with you tomorrow!