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This is Coffee With Larry for Friday, April 7, 2023.
Our topics;
1. How did HOKAs become so popular? , from NYTimes, answer: lots of hard work and vision by many unnamed people. Brands never spring up overnight, it only seems that way. #HOKA, #runningshoes, #runningcommunity,
HOKA makes shoes for runners, since 2010! photo by HOKA
2. What is the secret sauce of successful brands in running? a. Make great product, b. give running retail unstopping love and unbeatable deals, c. support the sport, d. Repeat every day.
3. #Brooks showed the way back in 2000 when Jim Weber dropped the biggest client; why? They lost money on the deal!
For Shoe Geeks, the Brooks Hyperion Max, photo by Star Gazer Pix
4. #UnderArmour, a huge brand, has tried for a decade to succeed in running. Their problem? Management NEVER listens to anyone in the brand with running experience! They have had the best shoe peeps in biz, and they did not listen. Money is not everything, focus, and drive are key.
5. adidas went back to the basics, making great running shoes, and their heritage is sports. The adizero Road To Records is example of events to build geek interest,…/adizero-road-to-records…
6. John Carlos remembers Dick Fosbury, the 1968 Olympic bronze medalist at 200 meters tells Jeff Benjamin about his friend, 1968 Olympic gold medalist at HJ,…/remembering-dick-fosbury…, #1968OlympicGames,
Jeff Benjamin with John Carlos, from World Champs 2022
7. Did you sign up for Atlanta Peachtree road race (sponsored),
8. adidas City Games is May 6 in Atlanta!
Grant Holloway will be in Atlanta! adidas Atlanta City Games, May 6, 2023
9. NB Outdoor nationals (sponsored) is June 15-18, 2023,
10. How will Eliud Kipchoge fare in Boston without pacemakers?…/how-will-eliud-kipchoge…, by Justin Lagat