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This is Coffee with Larry for Friday, May 26, 2023.
We are at the Luskin Conference Center, just finished the
presser for USATF LA Grand Prix.
Our topics today:
1. Presser was fantastic, with Ajee Wilson, Sam Kendricks, Sha’Carri
Richardson, Mondo Duplantis, Christian Coleman, and Brooke Anderson, with emcee
Carrie Tollefson.
2. All had good things to say.
3. The meet will be good on Friday, 5-10 pm, and Saturday, 12-5 pm. Great events both day and night.
4. Great seeing the athletes checking in, Josette Andrews and Robbie Andrews,
Tom Walsh, Ryan Crouser, and a ton of athletes.
5. I had a great catch up with Alan Abrahmason of 3 Wire sports, this story will stir it up!…/yo-adrian-can-the-iba-and…
6. So a bright person explained Whereabouts testing to me, quite simply? “Do you pay your taxes? Yes. Did you get an airline ticket to get to this meet?Yes, did you pay for it? Yes, Why? Because that is your job. Simple as that. You follow up on Whereabouts testing because it is part of your job!”
7. Read our Witness the Wonder column for today: Witness the Wonder, World Outdoor Athletics Budapest 2023, Day 38: Five athletes from the U.S. who should be on the podium in Budapest!…/witness-the-wonder-world…
8. Register for the Peachtree road race today! (sponsored)
9. NB Outdoor nationals (sponsored) are June 15-18, 2023,
10. Check out Brooks Running, as they have supported RunBlogRun since our beginning in 2006, American Track & Field since its founding 1994 an American Athletics from 1990-1994. Check out their performance running shoes and spikes,
11. The Presser was one of the finest that I have EVER seen. USATF LA Grand Prix is a meet ind development, I am trying to be patient.
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