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This is Coffee with Larry for Friday, June 15, 2024.
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Our topics:
1. Bobby Hodge will provide RunBlogRun another daily column for the US Olympic Trials. His Preview will be posted on June 15.…/eugene-oregon-hayward…
Bobby Hodge left with friend Ronnie from Lowell, MA, in December 1977, a photo from the Robert Hodge Collection.
2. The Olympic Trials are June 21- June 30 in Eugene, Oregon; here is the list of entries.…/2024/2024-u-s-olympic-team-trials-—-track-field/status-of-entries
The men’s 10,000m start, (Jacob Kiplimo), World Athletics Championships
Eugene, Oregon, USA
July15-26, 2022
3. Here is the most updated schedule for the 2024 US Olympic Trials:…/2024/2024-u-s-olympic-team-trials-—-track-field/status-of-entries
Christian Coleman, warming up, May 24, 2024, photo by Brian Eder for RunBlogRun
4. The NYC Grand Prix gave us some good indications of fitness for many of our top athletes.
5. Watch for coverage from onsite by RunBlogRun’s team, and our previews, reviews on a daily basis.
6. Looking forward to seeing many of you there.
Old TV model, courtesy of Pinterest
7. I suspect ticket sales have been okay, but it is hard for non-locals to visit when Hampton Inn/Springfield charges $704 a night. Hilton should be ashamed of itself. Air BnBs have also gotten pricey.
8. My dream is that NON, New Balance Outdoor, and adidas Outdoor figure out that 3 national events on one weekend is not good for the sport.
9. Noah Lyles is in 100m and 200m at Eugene.
10. Gabby Thomas is in 200m at 400m at Eugene.
Gabby Thomas, photo by Kevin Morris
11. Sha’Carrie is in 100m and 200m at Eugene.
Warm-up day, Sha’Carri Richardson, May 24, 2024, photo by Brian Eder for RunBlogRun
12. I can not think of one easy event in Eugene!
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