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This is Coffee with Larry, the Saturday edition for Saturday, January 6, 2024.

Our topics;

1. Coffee with Larry has its first sponsor! #JAMBAR, the Organic artisan sports nutrition bar, is now our official Sports Nutrition Sports Bar sponsor for CWL.

Jammin Jazzleberry, photo from JAMBAR

2. Founded in 2021, Jenny Maxwell, co-founder of the category with her late husband, Brian Maxwell (Powerbar in 1985), is a sports nutritionist.

3. The JAMBAR sports nutrition bar uses healthy complex carbohydrates, plus 10 grams of protein and Maple syrup as sweetener, which provides the user much fewer glycemic spikes.

4. To learn more about JAMBAR and to get an intro 15 percent discount, please go to

Chocolate Cha Cha, from JAMBAR!

5. Another point I love about JAMBAR is that they donate 50 percent of their net profits to music and arts programs!

6. Thanks to Jenny Maxwell, founder of JAMBAR, and her support of Coffee with Larry and RunBlogRun!

7. Watch for our coaching newsletter, weekly on Fridays, to go out with JAMBAR as a sponsor!

8. Remember, tonight, January 6, 2024, is the live-streaming broadcast of the 2024 Dubai Marathon. The broadcast will be hosted by Tim Hutchings, Paula Radcliffe, and Pat Butcher.

Dubai Banner for Streaming TV, from Dubai Marathon

9. The link for the streaming is

10. The streaming TV will go live in Dubai at 5.50 AM Dubai local time on January 7, 2024. In North America, that will be 8:50 PM NYC time, 7:50 PM Chicago time, 6:50 PM Denver, 5:50 PM SFO time!

Gerda Steyn wins 2023 Dubai Marathon 10k! photo from the Dubai Marathon

11. RunblogRun will provide remote live commentary via X (Twitter), FB, and Instagram from 7:50 PM Central for 3 to 4 hours!

12. Watch for our special Dubai marathon coverage on Sunday, January 8, 2024 Local time.

Josh Kerr with Media, Budapest, August 2023, photo by Stuart Weir

13. Check out our story on Josh Kerr from Stuart Weir. This is part 1 of Josh’s conversation with GB sports journalists! Josh Kerr was the 2023 WC gold medalist at 1,500m and 2021 Tokyo Olympic bronze medalist at 1,500m.

13. Thanks to our sponsor, JAMBAR, the organic artisan sports nutrition bar,

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