This is Coffee With Larry for Saturday, August 5, 2023.

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Our topic today:

1. The Ed Murphey Classic was a wonderful success; we will cover it Monday.
2. Lots of repercussions from Athing Mu stories.
3. Athletics Chat 101 was recorded on Friday between Stuart Weir and myself.
4. Athletics Chat will be back.
5. The World Champs, event by event, we will see a tremendous level of competition.
6. Seb Coe did not wander into the controversy on British Athletics not accepting the WA invitations.

7. On August 5, 1984, Joan Benoit Samuelson won the LA Olympic marathon, the first Olympic marathon for women. I watched it on a portable TV (color), hoping that Joannie could hold her lead that she had taken just after 3 miles, as Grete Waitz, Ingrid Kristensen, and Rosa Mota followed, too far back to make a move. Joannie has given back much to the sport and realizes, better than many, how many women and men worked to get the Olympic marathon for women into the IOC’s mindset.

See you Monday, August 7, at #CoffeeWithLarry.