This is the event-by-event review of the first Diamond League meeting of 2024, held in Xiamen, China! Four world leaders and a world record! Mondo Duplantis told the media that he did not like how the indoor season had ended, so he was focused on this beautiful meeting. 
Mondo 624 WR, Tsegay 3:50.30

XIAMEN (CHN, Apr 20): The earliest start of the Wanda Diamond League was sensationally great on top marks. WR by Mondo is nearly WR by Tsegay, and it has excellent Arop and Chepkoech. Also, home win in the women’s shot, only potentially more was expected in sprints. Richardson lost. Four results were the best ever in April, 4 World leads, and two more best outdoor marks of the year. The competition in Great Egret Stadium was staged only for the second time, so meeting records in 11 out of 15 events was not a surprise. Before the TV program started, there was a rainy part. Of the 9 competing individual Budapest winners, only four won.

Short reviews by event


100 m: This was the final event of the evening, and Coleman beat Kerley 10.13 and 10.17 (-0.6). Faster times were expected.

800 m: World champ Arop defended his position in the final straight with 1:43.61 (he was WL but later improved in Nairobi) over closing Kinyamal 1:43.66 and indoor revelation Masalela 1:43.88 PB. In fifth, Kramer 1:44.81 EL.

5000 m: Steeple WR holder L. Girma debuted at the distance with 12:58.96, the fastest ever in April. The top nine went under the Paris standard. This is the fastest outdoor time of the year.

110mH: Roberts led from the start to 13.11 (-0.3) WL as Tinch 13.16 and Izumiya 13.17 followed.  MR holder Parchment 6th 13.33.

HJ: Affected by rain, McEwen cleared 227 in first, and that was enough to win. Favorite Barshim was in third and second. For both, 231 was too much. Indoor champ Kerr cleared 224.

Mondo Duplantis opened the 2024 Outdoor with his WR of 6.24m, 20 feet, 5 and 1/2 inches, photo by Matthew Quine for Diamond League AG

PV: Mondo delivered four excellent jumps and made for headlines: 562, 582, 600, and 624. Virtually the WR attempt would be enough for 629. That shows his options. This is his 56th comp over 6 m, his 7th WR, and his 98th comp over 580. It was his debut in China.

TJ: Pichardo returned to competing in early May 2023 and delivered 17.51 (+0.6), the best outdoor result of 24. Only World champ Zango the next over 17 (17.12).


200 m: Sensation of the day. Australian teenager Lewis won 22.96 (-0.4) over 100m World champ Richardson 22.99.

400 m: Paulino fulfilled the role in 50.08, Kaczmarek 50.29, a good second. All in all, sub 50 was expected.

1500 m: WR pace was not planned, but Tsegay, in superb shape, got the third-best ever 3:50.30 WL/PB, and Haylom the second-fastest U20 ever 3:53.22 African U20 record. The top nine were under 4. Berhe 3rd best ever U18 3:59.21.

SC: WR holder Chepkoech ruled with 8:55.40 WL, the 11th fastest time ever and best ever in April.

100H: Olympic winner JCQ beat loaded field 12.45 (-0.2), edging WR indoor holder Charlton 12.49 and surprise third Samba-Mayela 12.55 NR ahead of World champ Williams 12.56 and WR holder Amusan 12.58.

SP: Happy home win for Oly champ Gong, 19.72, with surprise 2nd Wesche, 19.63 PB, third World champ Jackson, 19.62, and fourth World indoor champ Mitton, 19.35.

Valarie Allman throws 69.80m, in discus, Xiamen 2024, photo by Matthew Quine for Diamond League AG

DT: There were real non-wind marks as Oly winner Allman had two 69+ throws over Perez (68.83) and home Feng (67.07). Under her new name, Sandra is fourth at 65.60, and World champ Tausaga is 10th at 60.61.

JT (non-DL): During rain Dai Qianqian in DL debut 61.25. Nobody else over 60 m, World medallist Ruiz third.