Week 1, Day 4, Recovery Week One 

Today, take a 30-minute run or 45-minute walk.


This is the beginning of our two—to three-week recovery time. The idea is to get a physical, mental, and spiritual break. We read books, nap, goof off, and get outside and enjoy nature.

The workouts will be three days a week, and you can walk or bike to get you moving.

Each day, we will have an inspirational story for you.

Noah Lyles surprised many last summer with his gold medals in the 100-meter, 200-meter, and 4x100m relay!

When I spoke to his coach, Lance Brauman, Lance told me that the toughest race was the 100 meters.

In any championship race, so many things can go wrong; the athlete can get injured, get sick, or have an off day.

How does one keep all the variables in control?

From what I have observed with Noah Lyles over the years, the term confidence needs to be appreciated.

Lance Brauman, Noah’s coach, has coached the young athlete since he went pro after high school.

Both coach and athlete have roles in the daily workouts and in the planning. Coaching, in my mind, is both an art and a science.

With Coach Brauman, the successes, the little successes, in daily workouts build confidence and knowledge.

Last year, Coach B and Noah Lyles knew that they had lots of challenges, but they focused on their training and racing.

Each day had a mission, and each race had a goal.

This year, they know more about each other.

So, when Noah Lyles shows up this weekend in Eugene, Oregon, at the Olympic Trials, they will both be on a mission.

Noah has to execute their plan, and Coach Brauman has to observe and make suggestions.

Lots at stake this weekend.

Good luck, Noah Lyles!

Noah Lyles and Coach Lance Braumann,
USATF New York Grand Prix
Continental Tour Gold
presented by Global Athletics & Marketing Inc., photo by Kevin Morris

Thursday, June 20, 2024

A 30-minute easy run.

If you need something to do outside (it is hot today), walk 30 minutes early, ride a bike, or, best yet, take an easy swim and enjoy the day!