Week 1, Day 2, Summer Mileage Program

Welcome to the second day and first week of the 2024 Summer Mileage Program, which runs for ten weeks until mid-September.

Our goal is to build you into a strong cross-country runner. 

We keep it relaxed this week and add, week by week, more challenges and more inspiration! 


Tuesday, July 9, 2024

For Tuesday,  get in a 45-50-minute run in a fantastic part of the day and stay hydrated. Join some friends and keep it fun and relaxed at a pace you can talk at!

We suggest going to a park, running on a trail, or finding something fun.

Getting Inspired by Steve Prefontaine 

Steve Prefontaine found running, or perhaps it found him.

Steve was bullied as a kid and spent the rest of his life championing underdogs.

He had spoken German as a kid (his Mom was German) and was small, so he was picked on.

Steve did not qualify for his state meet-in track in high school during his sophomore year. His coach, Walt McClure, Jr., told writer Tom Jordan

in the seminal book, “Pre!” that Pre went from a good runner to a dedicated and focused runner during the summer of his sophomore year.

Two years later, as a high school senior at Marshfield High, Steve Prefontaine broke the high school record for the 2 miles with his 8:41.5.

What can you learn from Pre?

Steve Prefontaine, on cover of Sports Illustrated, photo courtesy of Sports Illustrated

Knowing that a lot of hard work and dedication gave Steve Prefontaine his success.

Be like Pre, run daily, and get stronger over the summer!

To learn about the late Steve Prefontaine (1951-1975), please read this amazing book by Tom Jordan ( I have gone through six copies and read it 12 times): https://www.amazon.com/Pre-Americas-Greatest-Running-Prefontaine/dp/0875964575