This is Saturday, January 20, 2024.

Saturdays are either a race day or a fartlek workout.

Your workout today:

Option 1: Warm up slowly, 30 minutes of easy to hard running, 6 x 150m stride outs, 3k or 1,500 meters, cool down for 20 minutes very slowly.

Option 2: Warmup slowly, 60-minute run, 15 minutes easy to moderate, 15 x one minute hard, one minute easy (5k pace), 15 minutes moderate to very easy, cooldown.

Change out of wet clothes, hydrate, and recover.

Deep thoughts from Larry Eder: Racing is a good thing. Early-season racing helps provide you the stress of racing as you are getting into shape. It is all part of the plan as you build towards your big races. Stay focused. Consistency and Focus are key! 

BROOKS Wire 8 track spike, photo courtesy of Brooks Running


Wire 8 info sheet from Brooks Running