This is Friday, May 3 2024.

This is a recovery day.

Your workout for today:

Warm-up slowly,

40-60 minutes, easy running,

6 x 150-meter stride-outs, with vigor,



get off wet clothes,


Larry’s Deep Thoughts: Recover today so you can race tomorrow. 

Easy days are genuinely part of your training regimen. Run hard on the tough days, but follow the coaches’ plan. Run easy on the easy days. Train smart. Your body will handle the stress much better.

Fridays were always fun at Bellarmine and at Santa Clara. At Bellarmine, we would run from campus along the bridges to Alviso. Hitting Alviso and smelling the ocean air was always fun. On the way back, we would get a drink from the hose of an older Japanese American farmer, who would smile at us and give us a few strawberries.

Running with Bob Lucas, Pete Dolan, Chris Sakamaki, and John Beall was always fun. Stories abound, and laughter was part of the runs. These are good memories.

I found a photo of my favorite track spikes during my senior year in high school (1976), the NIKE Pre Montreal. I ran 4:45.4 for the mile (Fremont High, Joe Mangan won the mile in 4:39.0), 10:26.00 for 2 miles (King City Invitational), and a 10:26.9 on our 352-yard track at Bellarmine, all dirt, from 1912.  One of the best performances there was Dave Hughes, in his 800m debut, who ran a 2:00.00 for 880 after running 400m all season and cross country in the fall!

NIKE Pre Montreal track spike, 1975, photos by Sotheby’s